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The Importance of Keeping Skin Hydrated in the Summer

Beautifully Hydrate the Skin

There are many factors that contribute to dry dehydrated skin. During the summer months, even more factors are added into the mix. This article will discuss what each of these factors are and why it is important to keep your skin hydrated in the summer.

High Temperature – With the summer months comes higher temperatures the heat in the air tends to dry out your skin. Just think about what happens when you bake a cake for too long, eventually the cake will lose its moisture and become dry. The same thing happens to your skin if you do not take care of it. M. Boutique’s Body Hydrating Lotion uses natural essential oils and extracts to keep your skin hydrated.

High Humidity – Summer months are not only hot, but in some places very humid. The humidity is not good for your skin at all. The humidity in the air slowly draws the moisture from your skin leaving it dry and dehydrated. Keeping a skin lotion like, M. Boutique’s Body Hydrating Lotion, on you can easily keep your skin from being drained of its moisture.

Intense UV Radiation – The UV rays are extra strong in the summer and people are more willing to expose themselves of UV rays in the summer as well. As we know, UV rays eventually burn the skin, results in not only damaged and injured skin, but extremely dry skin. Using a skin moisturizer will not only hydrate your skin, but it can also protect your skin from the harm of UV rays.

Heavy Air-Conditioning – When the summer heat arrives, the air conditioned rooms follow. Although necessary for comfortable living in the summer heat, heavily air conditioned rooms can cause your skin to dry. The prolonged exposure to the cold air will dry up your skin and leave it looking dehydrating and irritated. Even though you are escaping the heat, humidity, and harmful UV rays, make sure your moisturize while indoors as well.

3 Reasons Why Every Home Should Have Candles

candlesEvery home is special to each person in their own way. The feeling home gives you is always comforting, safe, and warm. They say home is where the heart is and we truly believe that at M. Boutique. There are many things that could be done when turning a house into a home. Aroma, beauty, and tranquility are all things that make up each person’s unique homey feel, and candles can achieve each of these things.

  1. Aroma – Everyone has a certain smell or aroma that reminds them of home. Whether it is the citrus of neroli lotus, or the sweet scent of lavender, we all know a smell that reminds us of home. Burning scented candles throughout the home add to the comforting feeling of home. M. Boutique has a variety of scented candles to choose from to help make your house smell like home.
  2. Beauty – Another factor that turns a house into a home, are the aesthetics of the home. Décor is important in making your home feel inviting and comfortable. Some flickering candles throughout your home is known to be visually pleasing and ads to the beauty of the home itself. Use candles as a decoration, and not just a smell diffuser. Pair them with other interior decorations to make for a truly beautiful home.
  3. Tranquility – Home is always a place you can unwind and relax. After a tough day a work, or a long time of being out of the house, it is always a great feeling to step foot in your home and instantly feel at ease. Burning candles gives off a tranquil vibe of relaxation and gives your home that comforting feeling that every home should have.

These are just a few of the major reasons every home should have candles. Make your house something more by adding a comforting aroma, visual beauty, and calming tranquility and turning into home.


Keeping Your Pets Coat Clean Naturally

Pets are the best. There is a reason they say dog is a man’s best friend. As owners we love our animals and we always want the best for them and to pamper them as much as we can. At the same time, our pets look to us for care, and rely on us heavily to live a healthy and happy life. None of this is any different when you choose what to use on your pets when giving them a bath.

For the same reason you wouldn’t choose cheap shampoo full of chemicals and dyes on yourself, you would not use such a shampoo on your pet. Added chemicals could damage your hair and even irritate their skin. For a natural shine in your pet’s coat, all you need to do is use natural ingredients.

For example, M. Boutique’s Pet Shampoo was built with a list of ingredients that were hand-picked from around the world by celebrity dog groomer, Jorge Bendersky. The formula consists of Neroli, the world’s most luxurious citrus scent, aloe to alleviate anxiety, rosemary leaf extract, and avocado to nourish the skin and hair. The formula cleans and shines all without the sulfate with an all-natural sulfate-free blend that both you and your pet will love.

So continue to treat your pet like one of the family and take into serious consideration what you use when bathing them. Using natural ingredients will promise to keep both you and your cute little companion happy.

A Facial Cleanser Offered by Mother Nature Herself

Your face is the first thing people see when meeting you for the first time. It is where all the attention is held when talking with someone, presenting at an important meeting, or sitting through your first date with a special someone. An area of so much attention should be taken care, I’m sure we could all agree there. Good impressions could be made in a first appearance, and nothing impresses more than natural beauty.

How can I easily achieve such clean, natural, and beautiful skin?


Great question, and here is an even better answer. Foster My Body Facial Cleanser from M. Boutique International. Many facial cleansers will help clean your skin and get rid of unwanted oils, however they do so with chemicals that could end up drying out skin and damaging its beauty.
Luckily for you, nature has given us the tools to cleanse our skin naturally without the harsh wear of chemicals. For example, Foster My Body Facial Cleanser is made from 100% argan oil. Argan oil comes from the argan nut, only found in the beautiful country of Morocco. The locals there refer to it as “liquid gold” and for good reason. Argan oil does not only cleanse your skin of dirt and unwanted oils, it moisturizes, hydrates, and softens the skin in the process.

Other facial cleansers use silicon and other chemicals to achieve the clean, moisturized, and soft effect to your skin, however, argan oil accomplishes this 100% naturally. Pamper your skin in luxury without worrying about what is actually in the product and what damage it is actually doing in the long run. Just ask yourself this simple question. Would you rather cover your face in chemicals, or cover it with a natural oil offered to us by Mother Nature herself? We have a feeling we know your answer.

Why Is It Important to Use Natural Products In Your Home?



In the world today, stores are filled with isles and aisles of what seems like an endless selection of household cleaning supplies. You may sometimes find yourself looking at all of the options and deciding on which is the best product when you should really be asking the question:

What is in these products?


You spend a lot of time getting your house to sparkle and smell clean. As the chemicals in your cleaning products give the home a nice gleaming look and sweet smell, it is also doing just as much, if not more, harm. The chemicals in your household cleaning products are polluting the indoor air in your home. Most people can smell the chemicals in the air. Even though that smell is synonymous with being clean, it is actually doing damage to your physical well-being.

Household cleaning products that use chemicals are more than likely poisonous if ingested. This is a scary thought, especially if you have children in the house that love you get into stuff. Some cleaners, such as corrosive drain and oven cleaners can cause burns on the eyes and skin and really do some damage if handled improperly.


Let’s not forget the environmental damage these products cause. After you clean your sinks and drains, those chemicals are then sent down the drain and you forget about them. However, the environment does not forget, as it is stuck dealing with them.The chemicals work their way through the sewer systems and find their way into treatment plants where they are then disposed into the worlds waterways and oceans.


Ask yourself this question. Why use a product that can cause so much harm to yourself and nature? Well the simple answer is that you don’t have to. Thankfully, there are products that clean the same way and leave your home smelling beautiful by using only the natural ingredients offered by Mother Nature.


M. Boutique’s line of household cleaning products are 100% free of any chemicals or toxins and use only natural ingredients from the finest materials from around the world.

Romantically Inspired. The Gift of Moroccan Rose Wild Mint


A Valentine’s Rose

This Valentine’s Day, explore the sophistication of Moroccan Rose Wild Mint.   Lose yourself in exotic fields of Morocco’s native rose, the rarest and most exquisite of its kind, as soothing hints of fresh grown wild mint gently infuse the air. Boutique brings you these revered pure essential oils and ingredients all the way from the other side of the world. This Valentine’s Day, give the gift of love from a land filled with mystery and wonder.

Imagine strolling through the local market places of Morocco, the smell of rich spices filling the air as peach-colored sands emanate from a distance.


This Valentine’s Day, consider a gift inspired by M. Boutique’s sophisticated Moroccan Rose Wild Mint fragrance. 

Moroccan Rose Wild Mint Soap

M Boutique’s Moroccan Rose Wild Mint individually hand-poured soap bars richly cocoon both body and mind. This deep, rich moisturizing bar is made from only the finest and purest ingredients from around the world. Organic goats milk, Moroccan argan oil, organic wheat germ oil, organic Shea butter and honey unite to perfectly pamper and nourish your skin. Hypoallergenic, sulfate-free, and biodegradable. Breathe in. Gently escape.

Moroccan Rose Wild Mint Hand Lotion

Escape the stress of everyday life with Moroccan Rose Wild Mint hand lotion. The revitalizing fusion of aromas soothes the mind as our unique blend of essential oils and extracts, including green tea and wheat germ, leave hands soft and supple.  Relax and depart from the worries of the day.

Moroccan Rose Wild Mint Linen Mist

Wake up to the wonders of Morocco with Moroccan Rose Wild Mint linen mist.  Transform any space with our exclusive blend of the sweet Moroccan rose, dewdrops on its petals tenderly picked as they are unfolding in the early hours of dawn, merged with the refreshing vigor of wild mint.   Freshen your linens and fill your home with delight.

This Valentine’s day, foster your romance with beauty, energy and warmth and explore the wonders of Moroccan Rose Wild Mint from M Boutique.


Fall in LOVE with our romantic Valentine’s GIVEAWAY!


Welcome to the M Boutique Blog! If this is your first visit, please feel free to view previous blog postings! Here at the M Boutique Blog you’ll find exciting news, brand inspirations, cleaning tips and more!


Exciting new gift box

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Do you have a special someone in your life? Pamper them properly.
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The winner receives a romantic gift box including:

One Original Scented Bath and Shower Gel

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The most romantic and starry-eyed city you’ve visited and what makes it so intriguing.
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For Official Contest Rules, see below.


Official Rules

M Boutique International Facebook Contest

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Sponsor: M Boutique International, 1105 18th Place, Vero Beach, Florida, 32960

Enter the contest here:

Gentle Escape Awakened. Lavender Smoke Revealed.

As we are constantly on the go, very little time is devoted to relaxation. In fact, with the continued hustle and bustle of everyday life your mind, your body and eventually even your health begins to break down. Emotional erosion inevitably occurs and the importance of what we actually do to counter these t­oxic stressors becomes more important than ever.

Awaken and recover this New Year. Resolve to truly care for both 1bathyour body and your mind by allowing for the simple pleasures of “me time”. Uncoil and unwind after each long day, pursuing tranquility with abandon. Then, cascade into peace as you inhale the silk aromas of our Lavender Smoke candle.

Flowing fields breezily await you as citrus honey blossoms and lavender merge with exotic spices of clove and cinnamon, emboldened by gentle kisses of smoke and cedar.

Inhale, as the naturally uplifting properties of lavender essential oils effortlessly enable your body to heal itself. Its calming aromas reduce your heart rate and blood pressure, setting the stage for unparalleled and ultimate relaxation.

With our Lavender Smoke candle, everyday baths transform into a rejuvenating and gratifying day at the spa. Simple acts like lying in bed or spending a few minutes curled up by the fire become  therapeutic moments of repose.

Why? Lavender encompasses a wide range of documented powers and health benefits, from easing muscle pain to curing insomnia and healing burns. Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits lavender can bring to your life:


    lavender and mortar and pestle
  • For the mind – Lavender essential oil revitalizes your nervous system and eliminates fatigue and restlessness. Additionally mood is stimulated, along with mental activity and your ability to relax. Lavender is even used as a remedy for insomnia because it gently aids in falling asleep and improves the duration and quality of rest.


  • For the body – The easing aroma of lavender helps relieve headaches, migraines and other aches and pains. Lavender also works wonders for your digestive system. It relaxes the lining of your digestive tract, aids the mobility of the intestine, and boosts the production of gastric juices needed to treat indigestion and stomach pain.


  • For the skin – Additionally, lavender provides many benefits for your skin as well.  The essential oil is used to treat a variety of skin issues, including acne, eczema, shingles, dry skin, sunburn and skin inflammation. Additionally, its strong antiseptic properties increase cell growth and help form scar tissue, making lavender an excellent remedy for healing cuts, wounds and burns.

So you see, stress adversely impacts our body, our mind and even our soul. Recovery is essential, without which anxiety continues to build, creating even more tension and  toxicity. Start 2015 off right, resolving once and for all, to make the most of each moment given. Delight in serenity and sweet repose as you enjoy the sophisticatedly smooth fragrance of Lavender Smoke by M Boutique.

New Year, New You: Reinvent Yourself with M. Boutique


For many, the New Year is a time of rebirth – a time to start fresh and reinvent ourselves.

Lavender spa     Approximately one in three make a New Years’ resolution, but not many of us stick to them. Often times, we make resolutions to lose weight, to be more positive, or to eat healthier. Make a resolution you can stick with: treat yourself to a healthy, luxurious lifestyle by reinventing yourself with M. Boutique.

The holiday season is all about family, love and giving back. Now’s the time to start loving your body and giving back to yourself. You deserve the best, so take control of your health and pamper yourself with M. Boutique’s luxurious home and bath products.

Imagine every time you shower feeling like you are pampering yourself with the best natural ingredients from around the world. When you use M. Boutique’s luxury soaps, shampoos, conditioners and cleansers you will feel like you’re at a secluded spa, submerged in nature.

Then light your M. Boutique’s Lavender Smoke Candle and drift into an oasis of relaxation, connecting with the aromas of Lavender, cedar wood, cloves and mandarin.

Stick to your resolution and create a better you with M. Boutique:

  • leafExperience the serenity of nature — M. Boutique’s elegant candles, bath products and cleaning products embody the most soothing scents of nature. From Lavender Smoke and Geranium Wild Ginger to Moroccan Rose Wild Mint, Lemon Wild Verbena, and Neroli Lotus Blossom, our scents bring you the calming effects of natural aromatherapy.
  • Turn your home into a spa – With our products, you can transform your home into a soothing sanctuary…and the hustle and bustle of your daily life will be forgotten. Your shower or bath will feel like you are at the finest spa in the world. Wake up every morning to a breath of fresh air and enjoy the peacefulness of nature.

This New Year’s, treat yourself to our luxurious, soothing aromas from M. Boutique.